Efficiency vs. Effectiveness

Efficiency vs. Effectiveness Finding a balance between efficiency vs. effectiveness can be difficult. Best to keep it simple. To be efficient and effective, be confident, choose goals that will have the biggest impact. Be sure to consider all of your available resources and envision the path to success with least resistance. Identify issues ahead of time, and work to avoid them. Efficiency … [Read more...]

Brown Paper Tickets Billy Geoghegan

Bill Geoghegan from Brown Paper Tickets stopped by my Alma Mater, Madison Media Institute, in the Spring of 2013. I was lucky enough to be available that day and swung through to take notes - here is what I left with. Ticketing for venues What need does Brown Paper Tickets satisfy? Venue wants someone to do all the ticketing. How does the venue get paid? Every ticket sale kicks back … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Business Page Optimization 2013

Shoutlet Webinar - w/ Kira Sparks of Shoutlet - LINKED IN COMPANY PAGE FOR BUSINESS. Is LinkedIn good for your business? New business friendly changes (2013). Llana from LinkedIn What is LinkedIn? The largest global professional network. Over 200 Million members worldwide and 2.2 members signing up per second. Who uses LinkedIn? Linked in Members have 2x more buying power. 50+% … [Read more...]