Bing Search Engine Summit May 2012

Notes from Bing Summit.

1. re-design of the Bing product.
2. Snapshot – allows users to complete tasks over time
3. Sidebar – puts people front and center for search experience in a natural cohesive manner.

Spirit and Fundamentals of new Bing.
Re-design is natural, respective, inclusive and useful.
New search project enhances today’s people focused web.
Bing is to be very adaptive to be prepared for new technologies and trends.

Main Page Result Pane.

Tons of cleanups.
Underlying goal of making it super easy to find topical structure.


Uses a different architecture with optimization goal of surfacing entities and actions that associate with those entities.

• Find restaurant – speedy restaurant reviews.
• People in sidebar can be people you know or authorities you can trust.
• Huge shift to make people an integral part of search experience.
• Connect to people in sidebar is easy via social networks.
• Planning on adding partners here,
• Make search combine with people.


Bing aims to reinvent search for the future.
• How to rank entities & people.
Who knows & talks & has expertise at what?
Second challenge is to get the design right.
Do what it takes to protect the privacy of users.

Harry Shum – Corporate VP of Search Development.

How to rate relevance of documents & people.

Bing works to provide more help for the user regarding task completion.
Enabling user task completion.

Explicitly rank people according to the queries you ask.

1. People in my friends circle
2. People who write a lot, and are active, with reviews, and web presence.
• What have they written?
• Are people re-tweeting?
• Facebook likes.
Bing would like to build a huge people index to enhance search.

Derrick Connell – Corporate VP of program development.

Focus of Bing’s improvement regarding the users’ search queries.

1.start with privacy – increasingly bringing in people to the search settings makes sure that Facebook privacy settings are honored.
2. Keep it simple – Keep the page simple and easy to use. (New results pages load faster than old Bing.)
3. Design principal on relevance. Expect comprehension and includes people from all networks. Bing should not be biased & let users search who is best.
4. Architecture of page clearly separates topical graph (left) and people graph (right)

A lot of Bing’s features have been removed.

Here is a list of changes that have been made to Bing’s left rail.

Left Rail has been removed. But all of its features are still in Bings SERP.

Search history has been moved to autosuggest.
Queries suggestions have been moved to inline.
Filters have moved from the left to the top block.

Spacing, typography, colors, and images have been cleaned up in Bing.

Blended image removed from header.

1. Introducing snapshot as an interactive experience that surfaces additional content to the searcher only when they need it
2. Sidebar search + social. Social sidebar will always be shown, even when there are no relevant experts.
3. 2 sets of people will be Facebook friends and individuals regarded as influential for your queries. (Currently Twitter users dominate your influence.

Homepage changes.

“Iconic” image fits to your PC screen.
More interactive & active taskbar
Search history visible

For body or tail queries you will get a simple results.

Informational queries are more comprehensive.

Restaurants with more reviews may show up higher.
SERP’s make sure that you understand there are many options and the top option is not the best. (Chicago seafood restaurants.)
Open table partner renovations show if reservations are available.

Facebook integration is simple. Click post to Facebook on the social pane.
Can ask a question to everybody on Facebook and you can choose to tag, which notifies those who have written reviews for the restaurant.

Search for song you want. – Link to and recommend a song to a friend’s wall.

Follow Twitter people easily and quickly.

If all the results are navigational and branded then the snapshot will open by default.
• Rate information
• How many / level of reviews.
• Hours.
• Idea of user experience.

Integration with Google + when there are influential with G+

Ethan Beard Director of Platform Partnerships at Facebook.

Proud that Bing’s search engine let’s somebody easily reach out to Facebook friends for advice.

(Back to) Derrick Connell – Corporate VP of program development.

Mobile – stacked experience where people are underneath your search results.
Both people you know and experts in the field.

1. Current ads’ will continue to be in place.
2. In the future ads will be integrated into sidebars’ but nothing to report on now.
3. Business teams are active in working on using new snapshot views to serve user intent and give advertisers leads. But nothing to report now.

What makes an expert?

1. Profile information, places lived & college attended.
2. Where you have shared information – movies you like.
3. Friends can help you label articles related to your expertise.
4. Information you have shared socially.

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