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Bill Geoghegan from Brown Paper Tickets stopped by my Alma Mater, Madison Media Institute, in the Spring of 2013. I was lucky enough to be available that day and swung through to take notes – here is what I left with.

Ticketing for venues

What need does Brown Paper Tickets satisfy?
Venue wants someone to do all the ticketing.

How does the venue get paid?
Every ticket sale kicks back money to the venue.

What is Brown Paper Ticket’s UVP?
Brown Paper Tickets was built on transparency.
Brown Paper Tickets has no contract with venues, so there is no bonus for signup
The fee that Brown Paper Ticket charges does not call it convenience fee, they call it venue fee to kick back money to the venue.
Customer is not just venue and promoter, but also ticket buyer.

How does Brown Paper Tickets get paid?
.99 cents per ticket
(+)3.5% on a credit card transaction
(-)2.5% If the venue uses its’ own cc processor.
(+).89 cents Euro
(+).99 cents per physical ticket to free events (free events get free e-ticketing).

New from Brown Paper Tickets – Coming Soon:
Merch fulfillment system – warehouse and fulfillment
Every order a flat rate charge, actual shipping charged
This way, bundle tickets with ticket sales.

**Sell downloads**?
Not in the near future, but would prefer to work in-house instead of partnerships.

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