Efficiency vs. Effectiveness

Efficiency vs. Effectiveness
Finding a balance between efficiency vs. effectiveness can be difficult. Best to keep it simple. To be efficient and effective, be confident, choose goals that will have the biggest impact. Be sure to consider all of your available resources and envision the path to success with least resistance. Identify issues ahead of time, and work to avoid them.

Efficiency vs. effectiveness- the difference between the two.

An efficient leader must use resources well and be productive in order to reach a pre-determined goal. An efficient album mix engineer is able to get dynamite sound out of the audio tools that come free with the DAW, which will in-turn save the recording studio money that can be used elsewhere.

Efficiency can be personified by a studio manager who identifies strengths of the staff, and creates a system of collaboration that saves a client money and time. Being efficient is all about reducing time, money, stress, conflicts, resources, etcetera that are unnecessary to completing a project that satisfies a client.

Effective individuals are concerned with figuring out exactly what goals to pursue. Effective people measure the appropriateness of those goals and whether the right amount of effort is being used to meet them. An effective manager not only determines what should be done, but is adamant in making sure that the objectives are met.

It’s possible that a team of employees posses the technical skills to perform the tasks necessary to reach the company’s goal, but they might not accomplish the task without guidance. An effective leader will identify issues that stand in the way of the desired outcome, provide solutions, and see that the team completes it.

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