How to Start a Film Festival

Starting a film festival is an art, film festival preperation needs to be effective and efficient. Before your film festival planning gets to involved, stop everything and assess your goals. Be sure you can fund and scale your festival in a major way, soon it will be HUGE. Are you ready for that? Where are you going to make your money?

—–MM320 – Artist and Event Management—–

Notes from lecture on Film Festivals | August 8th, 2010 | Professor: Martin Atkins

Nothing about your film festival should be left to chance. Tell a large hotel that you are starting a film festival, ask about their worst time of year, negotiate lower rates for that time frame. This lower price will entice submissions and sell tickets.

When you put together a film festival, your customer is:

  • Filmakers
  • Film Studios
  • Business Infrastructure
  • Sponsors
  • Schools
  • Cities, Governments
  • Manufacturers

Ticket buyers are the scenery!

Any kind of prize is great.

Build a story of your film festival > create momentum > get the good gig.

Awards are good, soon you will use them to land bigger licensing and sponsorship opportunities.

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