LinkedIn Business Page Optimization 2013

Shoutlet Webinar – w/ Kira Sparks of Shoutlet
Is LinkedIn good for your business?
New business friendly changes (2013).
Llana from LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn?
The largest global professional network.
Over 200 Million members worldwide and 2.2 members signing up per second.

Who uses LinkedIn?
Linked in Members have 2x more buying power.
50+% College grads, post college grads.
Decision Makers.

What are LinkedIn members looking for?
Average social media user separates social into social and professional networks.

Personal = spend time, stay in touch.

Professional = invest time, improve professional self.
26% more interested getting brand news on linked in vs.personal social sites.
open to hearing from businesses.

What is a LinkedIn Company page?
Over 2M company pages as of June 2013.
Company page admins tend to be business owners or leaders at their company.
Two big reasons for LinkedIn page:

  • Drive leads, recommendations, word of mouth.
  • Showcase their company.

Overview of LinkedIn business product.
LinkedIn’s Overview Section.
Make sure to have a fantastic image here to bring people in – Adobe’s LinkedIn page for a great example.
Updates communicate w/ followers, running from newest to oldest and setting tone for conversation with new visitors.

How you are connected.
Careers with your company
One paid section of your company page.
Spotlight employees and jobs.

LinkedIn’s Products and Services Section.
Absolutely for every company
Consider showing off your goods and services or FURTHER FLESHING OUT YOUR PRESENCE.
Also, spotlight events, publications, apps, ad platforms.
Add URLS, videos, images.
Take advantage of 3 clickable banners to rotate.

Insight Section
your employees, their interests, and their experience.

Nine ways to enhance your LinkedIn presence!
—Sorry, I missed some of the presentation.—

1. Use powerful images in LinkedIn
Images are power. -LinkedIn cover Image (July 2013)
646 x 220 pixels
Showcase brand, product launches, events
LinkedIn’s Product and Services page
Use images in status updates, too. Either linked or attached. Here is the difference: attached images are larger, however, metadata with linked photographs is more searchable on LinkedIn.

2. Fine-tune your status updates
LinkedIn allows you 900 Characters for status updates, add links with metadata.
Prompt users to share, like, comment your posts.
Users can submit comments to your posts, but not brands.

Know your LinkedIn network:
Ask questions and respond to comments, tell your LinkedIn network why they should engage.
Make it quick with short posts.
If you can easily summarize a post it is most likely too long.
Post product talk and announcements, more than on Facebook.
Post morning – midday during the week.
Post often. Only about 20% gets read, LinkedIn rewards active brands.
Test different tone and keywords.

3. Personalize your content
Specifying your target:
Is only allowed for brands with over 100 followers
Tends to work best with larger sites
Target your product/services page to create different versions of site for different visitors,
products, and services > edit to create variations

4. Generate leads
Choose which products get highlighted on your main page.
Ask for product/service recommendations
Clear call to actions in status updates
Run sponsored inbox campaign
Avoid coming across as spammy
–Lead generator widget for ads. Lets people easily submit their email to you – great for mobile and gives you an open door to message them if they submit their email.

5. Cross-promote for audience segments
Optimize content on Facebook/G+ for LinkedIn
Share opportunity for others to engage on other networks on LinkedIn
CNBC example – LinkedIn fans to connect on Facebook via tiles
LinkedIn ads – text, video, and image ads
especially good for B2B marketers

Advanced targeting:
company size
PPC, or buy impressions

6. Promote you LinkedIn presence
Tips for ad-campaigns:

7. Think smart about goals, and what you will ask people to do
Set up a mobile-optimized landing page
25 characters for headline, 75 for copy*
Ask questions
Engage, compel
PPC unless awareness is your goal
PPC more valuable if you seek to drive action
Start low budget, $10 a day is minimum for LinkedIn
How can you help with professional Dev?
Targeted brand message that helps HR reach out to right candidate

8. Branch outside the norm
even if B2C, there is still value at LInkedIn

9. LinkedIn analytics
Follower analytics
Who is following your page, what are they engaging with?
Update metrics on per/post basis
Impressions, clicks, shares, engagement rate – displays 24 hours after – currently working on new analytics


Design creative strategically
Make page feel like a brand experience
Experiment on what engages your audience


Should I change my LinkedIn header frequently?

Updates should be done frequently
Image is personal preference
Switch for interesting research, events
Concentrate more on daily updates

Does LinkedIn allow you have a personal page, and company page?
Yes. Establish brand page as person and then add admins of the LinkedIn page

How to handle brands with many sub-brands?
Working on this now, stay tuned!

When will LinkedIn offer custom URL?
Right now LinkedIn does not have this functionality

How do I grow my LinkedIn following?
Get employees to follow you
Don’t be afraid to promote page on website, marketing collateral
If you build it they will come, engage!

Receptiveness of images.


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