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Ronna Rubin moved to Nashville in 1983; her position was National Director of Press and Artist Development for Warner Brothers Records. Ronna Rubin represented artists Katie Lang, Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstead, Travis Tripp and Keith Anderson among others. Ruben Media opened in 1992.

The 1983 Nashville Community had an open arms feel. Nashville’s music scene was easier for newcomers, artists, as well as business. General kindness was the Nashville feel. “Bless their hearts”.

There was no typical day for an Independent Publicist or an Outside Publicist.

Preparation for a new record album launch

Three months out from street date:

  1. New artist bio
  2. Cut by cut (recording artist talking about every song)
  3. Artist photo shoot
  4. Artist publicity stills
  5. Advanced music from recording artist

Goals of music publicity campaign:
National Publication

    • National Publication Reviews First
    • National Newspaper Reviews Second
    • Internet Reviews Third

Tour Press

    • Get itinerary far enough in advance
    • advancing each city
    • get artist on the radio/TV in the city when they perform in that city

National media is very tough to get, national media with so much competition be used to getting rejected fighting every gender and genre you need sales/controversy/ rave to get any time because t.v. producer is not a fan of the music.

Publicity and album sales, it’s a cart horse situation, publicity does not lead to album sales but opposite.

Unknown acts not so much on t.v.

With publicity for record albums, it’s not about incredible, it’s about hot.

The role of Artist Development:

Know what is off the record, knowing how to stay on topic, develop personal style.

The Role of Stylist:

Create image, music matters and style is important. Everything thought about and discussed to nth degree. Are we over thinking everything?

Currently Publicity departments are smaller than ever, and independent publicity is key. Make sure someone is always there. Publicity is never seen, just heard, and heard, and heard.

Is all publicity good publicity? Enough already!

The Role of Damage control

Everybody has a camera phone! Talking to a red light never tell them to “just tell them anything”.
28 day pass from media? Rehab!!

Celebrity vs. Music

Social Media like You tube and my Myspace blurs line.
Sometimes artist releasing album is not enough. Think if a recording artist became a spokesperson for non-profit.

There were 1.2 Billion digital sales in 2006.

Most popular digital music downloads in 2006:

  1. Soundtrack to high school musical
  2. Rascall Flats
  3. Carrie Underwood
  4. Nickelback
  5. Justin Timberlake
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