Social Media Marketing’s Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins Of Social Media Marketing.

  1. Lust
  2. Social media lust is an intense desire. Be careful with that; there is nothing “overnight” about success with Social Media marketing. Desire to be popular on these networks can backfire after the lust has left; you’ll be left with many branded websites that have become neglected. Added insult to energy is the time you took to set up the sites at the outset.

  3. Greed
  4. Social media greed is when you are unable to respond to your audience. You’ll start out with a plan, but be efficient, if the plan is not generating likes follows and comments you must bail. You’ll also notice that when you don’t post you lose traction. The Entertainment Business is especially social; take the time to succeed. West Hollywood music theatre,The Roxy, illustrates the theatre’s success through local business innovation and marketing creativity. Now The Roxy has 134k followers on Twitter.

  5. Gluttony
  6. In social media, gluttony acts to inflate your reputation with likes and followers that mean nothing. Somewhat like collecting Monopoly money in an effort to be rich. Use social media for what it is intended; connect with and engage your industry, your followers, and those who influence you.

  7. Sloth
  8. Not understanding what the medium is. Sloth in social media is when you try and do the same thing on every social network. What works where? Take the time to create a plan that will connect you with the audience on their terms. This works for advertising on social networks as well. Be careful not to spend marketing budget on a message that does not captivate your audience.

  9. Envy
  10. Envy in social media is stealing elements that made others successful and not creating your own. Following people out of look, not courtesy. Blaze your own path. Someone may be successful accomplishing goals and earning business on social media, and you can too.

  11. Wrath
  12. It may take you 1,000 tweets to gain a reputation, but it’ll only take one tweet to throw it away. Praise in public and reprimand in private.

  13. Pride
  14. Pride is the most serious of the seven sins, and other derive from it. To be proud with social media is to not give credit where it is due, and to think too highly of yourself. These social networks connect entertainment brands and fans every day and, in effect, keep the dreams of those entertainers alive. You are not bigger than social media, and it can benefit your business tremendously. Give the medium and those who know how to capitalize with social media their fair share of credit.

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Tyler “Ty” Heilman is a no-nonsense business major and website optimizer from the Mid-West. Heilman is regarded as a polite and courteous leader who embraces hard work and business innovation.


  1. @KyoiveHenry says:

    I’ve been educated by this article. I’m probably guilty of one of the sins but it’s good that I stand to be corrected. Thanks

    • Glad you took the moment to give this post a review. Get good at this stuff quick – engagement and success will help your main webpage get more attention going forward. Social Media Marketing plays an bigger role in Search Engine Optimization now than ever. It’s easy to forget how many thousands of individuals are searching the web for the type of stuff that you provide. Be findable! Can I ask which one?

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