Social Media Marketing’s Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins Of Social Media Marketing. Lust Social media lust is an intense desire. Be careful with that; there is nothing "overnight" about success with Social Media marketing. Desire to be popular on these networks can backfire after the lust has left; you'll be left with many branded websites that have become neglected. Added insult to energy is the time you took to set up the … [Read more...]

Bing Search Engine Summit May 2012

Notes from Bing Summit. 1. re-design of the Bing product. 2. Snapshot – allows users to complete tasks over time 3. Sidebar – puts people front and center for search experience in a natural cohesive manner. Spirit and Fundamentals of new Bing. Re-design is natural, respective, inclusive and useful. New search project enhances today’s people focused web. Bing is to be very adaptive to be … [Read more...]