Marketing For Entertainment Firms

Marketing for media does not mean selling or advertising. These things are part of marketing but marketing for media, in general, is so much more. See this list of things a manager should do before and after deciding to produce and sell: Listen to the needs of the people who may buy your product. Decide if they want more or different products than the ones currently … [Read more...]

Music Publicist Ronna Rubin Interview w/ Music Business Radio

MEDIA CAMPAIGNS-INTERVIEW WITH RONNA RUBIN (Link to interview here) Ronna Rubin moved to Nashville in 1983; her position was National Director of Press and Artist Development for Warner Brothers Records. Ronna Rubin represented artists Katie Lang, Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstead, Travis Tripp and Keith Anderson among others. Ruben Media opened in 1992. The 1983 Nashville Community had an open … [Read more...]

Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage is gained when one company outperforms their competition by producing products, goods, or services more effectively or efficiently. Competitive advantage should be a vital part of your strategy. There are four parts to a strong competitive advantage- and they are: Innovation Efficiency Quality Responsiveness to Customers Heres how you can develop an advantage … [Read more...]

Efficiency vs. Effectiveness

Efficiency vs. Effectiveness Finding a balance between efficiency vs. effectiveness can be difficult. Best to keep it simple. To be efficient and effective, be confident, choose goals that will have the biggest impact. Be sure to consider all of your available resources and envision the path to success with least resistance. Identify issues ahead of time, and work to avoid them. Efficiency … [Read more...]