Marketing For Entertainment Firms

Marketing for media does not mean selling or advertising. These things are part of marketing but marketing for media, in general, is so much more. See this list of things a manager should do before and after deciding to produce and sell: Listen to the needs of the people who may buy your product. Decide if they want more or different products than the ones currently … [Read more...]

Functional Roles of a Record Company

Hierarchy of a traditional record company: -Executive CEO -Finance and Accounting --- Shark -Business and Legal --- Separate in a huge company -A&R ---Weasel -Creative -Sales (Albums in stores) -Marketing -Publicity -Promotion (Radio and TV -Production (Traffic coordinator) --- $ Good quality needed -Royalties (Pays royalties) -Admin (HR / office … [Read more...]

Recording and Composition Side Copyrights

The difference between recording and composition side copyrights in the USA. There is a copyright for the Sound Recording. Represented by the circled letter P. Known as the Master Side -or- Recording Side copyright. Simply protects the recording of the song. There is a copyright for the Musical Work. Represented by the © symbol. Known as the Publishing Side … [Read more...]

Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage is gained when one company outperforms their competition by producing products, goods, or services more effectively or efficiently. Competitive advantage should be a vital part of your strategy. There are four parts to a strong competitive advantage- and they are: Innovation Efficiency Quality Responsiveness to Customers Heres how you can develop an advantage … [Read more...]

How to Start a Film Festival

Starting a film festival is an art, film festival preperation needs to be effective and efficient. Before your film festival planning gets to involved, stop everything and assess your goals. Be sure you can fund and scale your festival in a major way, soon it will be HUGE. Are you ready for that? Where are you going to make your money? —–MM320 – Artist and Event Management—– Notes from … [Read more...]

Brown Paper Tickets Billy Geoghegan

Bill Geoghegan from Brown Paper Tickets stopped by my Alma Mater, Madison Media Institute, in the Spring of 2013. I was lucky enough to be available that day and swung through to take notes - here is what I left with. Ticketing for venues What need does Brown Paper Tickets satisfy? Venue wants someone to do all the ticketing. How does the venue get paid? Every ticket sale kicks back … [Read more...]