Bing Search Engine Summit May 2012

Notes from Bing Summit. 1. re-design of the Bing product. 2. Snapshot – allows users to complete tasks over time 3. Sidebar – puts people front and center for search experience in a natural cohesive manner. Spirit and Fundamentals of new Bing. Re-design is natural, respective, inclusive and useful. New search project enhances today’s people focused web. Bing is to be very adaptive to be … [Read more...]

Music Publicist Ronna Rubin Interview w/ Music Business Radio

MEDIA CAMPAIGNS-INTERVIEW WITH RONNA RUBIN (Link to interview here) Ronna Rubin moved to Nashville in 1983; her position was National Director of Press and Artist Development for Warner Brothers Records. Ronna Rubin represented artists Katie Lang, Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstead, Travis Tripp and Keith Anderson among others. Ruben Media opened in 1992. The 1983 Nashville Community had an open … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Business Page Optimization 2013

Shoutlet Webinar - w/ Kira Sparks of Shoutlet - LINKED IN COMPANY PAGE FOR BUSINESS. Is LinkedIn good for your business? New business friendly changes (2013). Llana from LinkedIn What is LinkedIn? The largest global professional network. Over 200 Million members worldwide and 2.2 members signing up per second. Who uses LinkedIn? Linked in Members have 2x more buying power. 50+% … [Read more...]