The Formula To Develop Your Personal Brand

Here is my formula for developing a personal brand:

Step one – address each the following by taking notes.

  1. What makes you different than your competition.
  2. Your industry (what do you influence).
  3. Your passion for your skills and abilities.
  4. Your target audience.

Step two* – tighten it up; write a single personal brand paragraph that touches on everything you put together in step one.

Step three* – Put together a brand statement. This is similar to the personal brand paragraph but it has more conviction.

Step four – edit, refine, then refine, and complete. Do it right and this brand statement will be your legacy.

*These two steps need a stream of conciseness. Let the notes flow and draft multiple versions.

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Tyler “Ty” Heilman is a no-nonsense business major and website optimizer from the Mid-West. Heilman is regarded as a polite and courteous leader who embraces hard work and business innovation.

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