What’s MEOTY?

MEOTy is an entertainment business firm (www.meoty.com). This MEOTy blog is music business notes, anecdotes, and study from the vantage point of Tyler “Ty” Heilman. @TyHeilman is continuing his career as an web marketer after spending six years in college earning an Internet Marketing MS degree, an Entertainment and Media Business BS degree, and an Associate of the Arts degree in the field of Recording and Music Technology.

MEOTY is an acronym standing for “Marketing Entertainment Online from Ty”.

MEOTY focuses on the business of entertainment, including notes from the lectures of:
@rdenhart (EMI Records, artist, engineer, producer, manager)
@oldmanjukebox (Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records, indie label owner)
Sue Schrader (Blind Ambition Management, music industry veteran)
@Marteeeen (Invisible Records, Pigface, NIN, PIL)

Included in the MEOTY pages are notes on management, marketing, finance, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and more. All the good stuff and things required when creating a successful and sustainable company in the entertainment business.